Frankfurt am Main

International Expo for Chocolate, Coffee & More

Dates: 10-12 November 2017
Venue: Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
Organized by: Häcker & Co Messen GmbH
Exhibition Events: Coffee & Chocolate Tasting, Training Seminars etc

Why attend the International Expo for Chocolate, Coffee & More?

The International Expo for Chocolate, Coffee & More will take place for the first time in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and will successfully integrate all aspects of coffee, chocolate, tea, honey, fine wine & champagne under one roof of an international exhibition dedicated to all the lovers of the greatest and finest goods within the industry.

Participants from around the world will provide the most effective terms of forming long-term business relationships and the event’s highly exposure will generate qualified leads for the exhibitors. The event represents the best platform for everyone interested to gather, taste and experience the best products from the industry all over the world. You will be welcomed by chocolatiers, exhibitors from cocoa-producing countries, wine and champagne experts and many more who will spoil you during the exhibition!

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